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Birdman | Breakfast Club Parody

Birdman | Breakfast Club Parody

Birdman was the highlight of the week after his turn up interview at the breakfast club here in NYC. Birdman Sandusky came with 20 goons to the radio station for an interview. First thing Birdman does is tell the Breakfast Club crew to stop spreading dirt on his name and to “respekk my name” (mainly due to gossip and rumors). Basically trying to intimidate them like Suge Knight. It backfires as Charlemagne fires back with small points of how Rick Ross or Trick Daddy never got checked so why do it on radio people. Birdman gets pissed and walks off the radio show with aforementioned 20 goons. Internet went nuts after. Best memes had the Michael Jordan crying associated with him.

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