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56843_375218812565081_1604563429_oActors Joselito Romantiko and A.Prince formed 8JTV in April of 2011 after they came to the conclusion that their generation needed a unique form of comedy. 8JTV believes that laughter is the best medicine for the soul and heals everyone from any kind of issue that they are dealing with in their personal lives. You can tell how dedicated they are with each video they come out with on YouTube. They even get their fans involved by inviting them to feature in certain videos.

8JTV has been featured on several social media websites such as WorldStarHipHop, Thatsdominican.com, Funkmasterflex.com, The Last Slice Radio, VladTv, and many more. With a a little more than 2 years, 8JTV has gained more than 30,000 subscribers and counting on YouTube alone. Joselito and A.Prince are continuing to prove to everyone that hard work and dedication really pays off. Not to mention that their loyal fans show them tons of support which motivates them to keep going and to do better.

When asked what their mission was, 8JTV responded with this: “Being able to make others smile, laugh or change of mood through each video we put out is our passion.” 8JTV will only get better as the time goes by and will eventually be known all over the world as being some of the funniest guys in comedy.

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Atomix- Co-Director & Professional Camera Coordinator 



Atomix has come a long way and has been the eyes of what you all get to enjoy seeing today. He works to make sure that the acting, video concept, and cinematography is to the best of quality for the public’s taste.  His story began back in 2011 where he reached out to Anthony & Joselito via YouTube Message with the interest on working together after running into one of 8JTV’s films. After reviewing his work, he was given a opportunity to work with A&J, and proceeded to succeed and develop his professionalism as an actor along the way. Through his career both A&J helped him in return by bringing his comedy ideas to life on his former youtube channel (DJATOMIXTV) where he attained much of his  popularity through many of his masterpieces. In 2012 he came to realize that comedy was no longer for him went on a different approach, falling in love with the making of action/drama films through a long period of time watching/following  his Youtube Icon Superstar “Freddywong”. In 2013 he decided to open up his new channel/brand (NYSRU) (New York Strategic Response Unit) which focused on making Action/Drama films based on real life scenarios. His priority since then has been on the creation of a TV\WEB series similar to the  “Flash Point” but with a New York approach.

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Czarina- Lead Female Actress


Back in april 2012, Czarina answered a casting call ad that was publicized through 8JTV’s Social media networks in which a female was needed top play a role in a upcoming film. She was brand new to the acting scene, but was willing to give it a try. She came on the set of her first 8JTV video “She Wears The Pants“, which highlighted and started her career in acting. Both Atomix & A&J noticed her great energy and saw her potential on being the next big thing in 8JTV. The fans grew to love her acting and what she brought to the table, which since then has continued to grow and develop her character as a better actress with each film fourth-going.

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